Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff

A Kansas City Chiefs guardja, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif az NFL történetének első olyan játékosa aki doktori végzettséggel rendelkezik. A támadófalember csapatával februárban megnyerte a Super Bowl-t majd hazautazott Kanadába és most a frontvonalban küzd a koronavírus ellen.

10 hete még a világ egyik legnagyobb sporteseményén lépett pályára és hazatérve elkezdett azon gondolkodni, hogy hogyan tudna segíteni az embereken. Április 24.-től végül munkába állt egy Montreal közeli egészségügyi intézményben.

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Yes, it’s me in this picture but this is not about me. This is about all the people who have been on the frontlines since day one of this pandemic. Now more than ever we need to work as a team and help where the help is needed. We all must come together and do what is best for society, even if that means stepping out of our comfort zone and learning new things. Thank you to the community of health care workers who welcomed me with open arms and trained me at the Long Term Care Home, some even coming out of retirement to give a helping hand. Thank you Elisa for the PPE training. Thank you Hélène for the elderly mobilisation training. Thank you Jean-Philippe for your help during my first shift as an orderly. Thank you Guylaine for the crash course on how to administer medication to patients. I accepted this opportunity with a lot of pride and humility. I will contribute to the best of my abilities to help: help put a smile on a patient’s face, help give a day off to nurses and orderlies who have been working countless hours since this pandemic started. We can all do our part and it’s touching to see so many people of different professional backgrounds coming together to do what they can. We have to keep working as a team and we will get through this. Ça va bien aller 🌈

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